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Drive Adelaide to Broken Hill

miners memorial broken hill 22Adelaide is very lucky to be in such close proximity to the Silver City, but there are still a couple of adventure routes from the South Australian capital.

Broken Hill, in the far west of New South Wales, is considered the capital of the outback and the gateway to the interior of this great country.

It is only a short drive from the Darling River (Menindee) and should be included when doing the Darling River Run.

It is a wonderful service centre and the first city in Australia to be Heritage Listed.

While the direct route is straight along the Barrier Highway and is an easy way to get there quickly, the route via the Murraylands and Mildura is a wonderful way to get to the Silver City for those wanting more of the tour. Going via Mildura and Wentworth also provides the option of the Lake Mungo and Darling River Run side route.

It is that awesome!

Lake View Caravan Park, Broken Hill, Outback NSWLake View Caravan Park, Broken Hill

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Driving Map from Adelaide, South Australia, to Broken Hill, Outback NSW, Australia 

Barrier Highway

Not much more direct than this… but that is not always a bad thing, especially when you consider the area around Adelaide that this route covers. To the east of where the Barrier Highway starts/finishes in Adelaide is the Barossa Valley which is one of Australia’s premier wine-growing regions.

Not far from the Barossa Valley, and on the other side of the highway is the Clare Valley, regarded as one of Australia’s most beautiful wine regions. Not a bad start/finish for the Adelaide-Broken Hill tour.


  • Gawler <> Burra <> Barrier Highway <> Broken Hill

Distance: 520km

Barossa Valley - Sturt Highway

The Sturt Highway route is a little 'limited' by comparison as the route only travels through the Barossa Valley. With only one, and probably the best, wine region to pass through; this route is complimented by crossing the Murray near Blanchetown and re-joining it at Waikerie and Renmark, and a drive east to Mildura before crossing the Murray River near Curlwaa and heading west to Wentworth.

From Wentworth or Mildura there are two choices; straight up the Silver City Highway, up to the Darling River (the Darling River Run), or via the awe-inspiring Lake Mungo in Mungo National Park. (The Darling River Run and Lake Mungo require driving on unsealed roads).


  • Adelaide <> Barossa Valley <> Mildura <> Broken Hill:

Distance: 674km (874km if going via Lake Mungo and Menindee


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