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Lake Mungo To Cameron Corner

Outback Touring Routes

Experience the awe-inspiring landscapes, indigenous heritage, and ethereal wonderment of the iconic Lake Mungo before venturing across to the Darling River and onto the Corner Country of Outback Australia.

Along the way, stay at some of the best outback farm-stays as well as the iconic Packsaddle Roadhouse.

This touring route starts at Balranald, located on the Sturt Highway between Hay and Robinvale (and Mildura further west) before heading along well-maintained unsealed roads for an authentic outback experience.

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This touring experience is punctuated with a trip along the Darling River between Menindee and Wilcannia before heading to the opal town of White Cliffs, then past Mutawintji National Park before joining the Silver City Highway to Packsaddle and the run to Milparinka and Tibooburra.

 The adventure does not finish there though with Tibooburra providing the base for exploring the Corner Country of Outback Australia.

Total Route Details:

  • Distance: 970 km - Mostly Unsealed Roads
  • Allow: Min 7 Days (6 Nights)


The touring route starts at Balranald, between Hay and Robinvale, which is easily reached via the Sturt Highway from Sydney to the east and Adelaide to the west or along the Cobb Highway (Long Paddock) from Melbourne.

About 10 minutes (17km) drive north of Balranald, is Lake Paika Accommodation, the first night's accommodation.

bindara station menindeeTake a step back in time, unwind, relax and enjoy unique accommodation in the restored self-contained Workmans' quarters. Experience this natural wetland, reinstated in 2012, after more than 100 years of being stranded from its lifeline, the Murrumbidgee River.

After staying at Lake Paika Accommodation just north of Balranald, the first destination is Lake Mungo. Mungo National Park is part of the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area which covers 2,400 square kilometres and takes in all 19 lakes of the Willandra Lakes.

Lake Mungo is unique in terms of indigenous anthropology as it possesses evidence of continual human habitation for 40,000+ years. The lunar landscape of the Walls of China was created over millennia through a process of wind and rain erosion.

Mt Gipps Station, Borken Hill,  Corner Country, Outback AustraliaMungo Lodge offers to rest your mind and body. Right on our doorstep, you can explore Mungo NP and the World Heritage Willandra Lakes Region. With a full range of Mungo accommodation options available.

After Lake Mungo, it is a wonderful outback drive to the Darling River Run slightly downstream of the Menindee Lakes for a stay at Nelia Gaari Station and then a visit to Menindee and the Menindee Lakes.

The touring route heads upstream to our next station-stay at Nelia Gaari Station, about one hour southwest of Wilcannia.

With only a short drive to the next destination of Wilcannia where the Barrier Highway crosses the Darling River, there is plenty of time to experience Nelia Gaari Station.

The final section of this great touring experience includes a bit of the back-country of Outback NSW via the iconic opal town of White Cliffs, Australia's oldest (seam) opal field, then over to Packsaddle past Mutawintji National Park.

The final run from Packsaddle to Tibooburra is along the Barrier Highway and should include a stop at Milparinka, about 30 minutes south of Tibooburra.

Route Sections:

  • The route to Lake Mungo: 
    • Ivanhoe Rd > Hatfield Penarie Rd (36 km)
    • Marma Box Creek Rd (62 km)
    • Gampang Rd (28 km) - Lake Mungo
    • Gampang Rd >Top Hut Rd (57 km)
    • Pooncarie Rd > High Darling Rd > Polia Rd (67 km)
    • Old Pooncarie Rd (54.8) - Bindara Station
  • Details:
    • Distance: 315 km - about 4 hours (excluding Mungo visit)
    • Road Surface: Unsealed

Leaving Lake Paika, the route continues on bitumen before turning onto the unsealed Hatfield Penarie Rd where you will soon experience that dramatic landscape of the lakes region.

Lake Mungo is an hour’s drive, and a must for a stop to explore Mungo National Park.

Leaving Lake Mungo, it is a short drive (57km) back to the sealed Wentworth-Pooncarie Road which heads north. Before Pooncarie the route crosses the Darling River and weaves its way along the western bank up to Bindara Station, a wonderful place to experience life on the lower Darling, as well as the owners' passion for organic produce.

bindara station menindeeHistoric Bindara Station is located on the West side of the Darling, south of Menindee. The Station is ideally situated between Pooncarie & Menindee and also a convenient stop-off between Mungo & Kinchega National Parks.

  • Route:
    • Bindara-Tandou Rd
    • Lake Tandou Rd
      • Menindee
    • Menindee-Wilcannia Rd
      • Nelia Gaari Station
  • Details:
    • Distance: 158km - about 3 hours
    • Road Surface: Unsealed

The drive from Bindara Station to Menindee is only about an hour, and you should allow at least a few hours to explore Kinchega National Park and the Menindee Lakes; the lake system is fed from the Darling River. When the lakes are full, it is a sight to behold.

After experiencing Menindee for a few hours, our next stopover is at Nelia Gaari Station about a 1-hour drive from Menindee (unsealed).

With a choice of serviced accommodation or what many say is the best camping on the Darling River, it is well worth a 2 night's stay with hosts Greg and Lily.

Nelia Gaari StationNelia Gaari Station, north of Menindee.  If you are looking for a quite convenient spot on the Darling River to park your caravan/campervan or four-wheel drive for overnight or as long as you like.

A short drive along the western side of the Darling River will have you in Wilcannia in a little over an hour. Time to settle and relax at Warrawong on the Darling.

  • Route:
    • Menindee-Wilcannia Rd
  • Details:
    • Distance: 85km - about 1 hour
    • Road Type: Unsealed

The trip on this section is nothing short of amazing with the run to White Cliffs along sealed roads then some great back-country roads up past Mutawintji National Park which is well worth a visit and even a camping stopover if you are equipped. A lot to explore.

After Mutawintji, some more touring through some amazing landscapes, and the route west joins up to the Silver City Highway for the run north.

  • Route:
    • Barrier Highway (3 km)
    • Opal Miners Way (93 km)
    • Whipstick Rd (43 km)
    • Henry Roberts Rd (32 km)
    • Wonnaminta Rd (64 km)
    • Silver City Hwy (12 km)
  • Details
    • Distance: 248 km - about 4 hours
    • Road Type: Mostly Unsealed

Heading out from Wilcannia, it is a nice (sealed) drive up to the opal town of White Cliffs.

Packsaddle Roadhouse, Corner Country, Outback AustraliaPacksaddle Roadhouse is located on the Silver City Highway, 175 kilometres north of Broken Hill, and is home to Mia and Arnie, who offer a welcoming stop for weary travellers.

After a great stay at Packsaddle Roadhouse, only the home stretch remains for the Tibooburra destination.

About 40 minutes south of Tibooburra be sure to drop into Milparinka to explore the history of the area and appreciate the effort that has gone into restoring this small town. You won't be disappointed.

Due to its proximity to Tibooburra, should you miss visiting Milparinka on the way up, it is easy enough to do it as a day trip when based in Tibooburra (or elsewhere in the Corner)

  • Route:
    • Silver City Hwy
    • Stopover at Milparinka
  • Details
    • Distance: 158 km - about 2 hours
    • Road Type: Mostly Sealed

After a great drive up from Balranald, it is time to settle in and explore all the wonderful experiences on offer around the Corner Country.

Milparinka Heritage Town - Conter Country Outback NSW, AustraliaHow outback do you want to go? You drive 296 km north of Broken Hill, 39 km south of Tibooburra and 1,465 km from Sydney to a small turnoff from the Silver City Highway. 

Packsaddle Roadhouse, Corner Country, Outback AustraliaThe Family Hotel will welcome you with that great outback hospitality that is a welcome change from the rushed and impersonal ways of the ‘big-smoke. Located in Tibooburra,  Outback NSW, Australia.

Packsaddle Roadhouse, Corner Country, Outback AustraliaThe Corner Country Store is situated in the town centre of Tibooburra, look for the "i" offering visitor and road information. Offering friendly service, selling fuel, tyre repairs, gas refills, ice, real coffee, homemade food and more. 



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