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Cameron Corner

Outback NSW, Australia

Cameron Corner in the far north west of NSW, the point where NSW, SA and Queensland borders meet. Outback NSW, Australia

Fewer places in outback Australia are more iconic than Cameron Corner, and the region that radiates out from Cameron Corner is known as the Corner Country (An area encompassing New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia).

There is so much to do in the northwest corner of NSW with Tibooburra being the main town in the area (330 km north of Broken Hill), while Milparinka (40 km south of Tibooburra) provides a 'look back in time' experience.

"Wherever I go in the bush I always find my way back and always come out at the place where I want to go". Alfred Howitt, 1859. 

What is Cameron Corner?

Cameron Corner is the surveyed northwest, and southwest corners of New South Wales and Queensland, respectively, and the point those borders join the South Australian border.

While not precisely defined, the Corner Country is bounded by the Darling River in the south, the Simpson Desert in the west, and Charleville & Windorah in the northeast.

Where is Cameron Corner?

The Darling River catchment borders the Lake Eyre Basin (Lake Frome catchment) just north of Broken Hill and south of Cameron Corner. A great way to understand the geology/hydrography of the region is through the Watershed Loop touring route. The touring route also connects the Darling River Run to other Corner Country Touring Routes.

Cameron Corner is a remote place, but that is not to say you can get a bed, a beer, a meal, fuel, and some supplies thanks to the iconic Cameron Corner Store.

Corner Country Touring

The key to experiencing the richly diverse history and natural heritage of Outback New South Wales is to experience the drives that connect across the region. The most significant of these is Sturt's Steps Touring, a driving route that approximates the journey taken by Charles Sturt in 1845.

Beginning at either Broken Hill or Cameron Corner the route takes in Stationstay properties as well as Milparinka and Tibooburra along its path. It is a journey not to be rushed, but rather experienced, as the landscape changes, the wildlife and flora vary, and one meets a few local characters along the way.

The Silver City Highway to Broken Hill and the White Cliffs Road to Wilcannia follow the traditional routes of Cobb and Co and Morrison Bros, linking the Corner Country with other locations within Outback New South Wales.

Linking Tibooburra to Wanaaring and Bourke is the "cut-line", the route of the original telegraph line and once proposed rail link to the Corner Country. It was also a major travelling stock route in the day when livestock was walked to the market and needed regularly located public watering places.

For those travelling the Darling River Run that links Walgett to Wentworth following the course of the Darling River, there are some great side-trips that include the iconic touring routes of the Corner Country; especially the Corner Explorer touring route.

Driving to Cameron Corner from Broken Hill is an experience every avid traveller should do, and there are many options for driving to the Corner. There are several great routes from Broken Hill to Tibooburra and onto Cameron Corner.

Corner Country Touring Map

Cameron Corner See & Do...

  • Cameron Corner Survey Marker
  • Stand in 3 states at once (New South Wales, QLD & SA)
  • Visit the iconic Cameron Corner store
  • Journey through Sturt National Park (Western section)
  • Visit the Dog Fence
  • Visit Fort Grey (on the way)
  • Marvel at the Waka claypan


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