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Outback New South Wales

Corner Country, Outback Australia

Packsaddle NSW and Packsaddle Roadhouse, Silver City Highway between Broken Hill and Tibooburra, Corner Country, Outback NSW, AustraliaAbout midway along the Silver City Highway between Broken Hill and Tibooburra is the area known as Packsaddle, named after the gum-lined creek which crosses the highway a short distance to the north of the Packsaddle Roadhouse. Some say the creek was named when Burke and Wills crossed the area to the east, near Wonnaminta, and lost a packsaddle from a camel or horse.

Whatever the reason, this is one of many ephemeral creeks in the district which flow westward through adjoining properties.

In exceptional years the floodwaters reach the South Australian border. Even Sturt during his Inland Expedition is believed to have camped on the creek.

After the settlement of the area Packsaddle Station was established, one of the properties that formed part of the Goldsborough and Company holdings.

At that time it had one of the largest shearing sheds in the district.

During the days of coach travel, a shanty hotel operated in the vicinity of today's roadhouse, providing exchange horses, accommodation and a meal and drink for the travelling public.

Just a simple corrugated iron structure, the hotel closed in the 1920s when the advent of motorised transport changed outback travel forever.

Today the region hosts an annual gymkhana at Easter time and the roadhouse provides travellers with refreshments and accommodation.

Packsaddle Roadhouse, Corner Country, Outback AustraliaPacksaddle Roadhouse is located on the Silver City Highway, 175 kilometres north of Broken Hill, and is home to Mia and Arnie, who offer a welcoming stop for weary travellers.



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