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Darling River Run - Best Route

Darling River Run Guide, Australian Touring Routes of the Outback

Are you looking for a map/guide for the best way to tour the Darling River

Not sure which side of the river to travel along? Well, look no further as I share with you over a decade's experience photographing, travelling, and writing out our most iconic river.

For the first-timer, the best way to plan your trip along one of Australia's most iconic waterways is to download the 'Best Route - 14 Day Itinerary" below for a complete guide.

Timber Cutters Run

Timber Cutters Run smlWelcome to the Timber Cutter's Runtm, a unique touring route along ancient waterways and through ethereal forests.

This driving route is not just another tourism hidden gem, but the real deal. It reveals a story of an earthquake 60,000 years ago, the Cadell Fault, the Narrows (Barmah Choke), a 50 km sandridge, the redirection of the Murray River, and the creation of the Millawa-Barmah forests - the largest stand of River Red Gum in the world.

Along the Dog Fence

Along the Dog Fence sml

Driving to Cameron Corner is high on the list for many outback travellers; not only as a destination but also as part of a more extensive journey.

Fewer places in outback Australia are more iconic than Cameron Corner, and the region that radiates out from Cameron Corner is known as the Corner Country.

Cameron Corner is the surveyed northwest, and southwest corners of New South Wales and Queensland, respectively, and the point those borders join the South Australian border. 

Watershed Loop

Watershed Loop smlWith Broken Hill as the ideal start/finish of this great adventure, the Watershed Loop can also be accessed from the Darling River Run (Wilcannia or Menindee) as well as when heading south from Tibooburra and the Corner.

Explorer Captain Charles Sturt (and others) believed there was an inland sea into which the few known rivers of eastern Australia flowed;  this premise was the basis of his 1844-5 expedition, and there is merit to that belief.

The Barrier Ranges, sometimes referred to as the Barrier Range, was initially named Stanley's Barrier Range by Sturt in honour of Lord Stanley (British Foreign minister 1866-68 & 1874-78).

Sturts Route

Sturt's Route - Drive to Cameron Corner, Outback Australia

The following touring route follows the approximate route taken by Captain Charles Sturt during his 1844-45 inland expedition. With no public roads across the Barrier Ranges, we begin the journey further north than the line taken by the expedition.

Starting in Broken Hill, and travelling either via Eldee Station (Silverton) or Mount Gipps (Corona Road), to Tibooburra, a great base for exploring.

Around forty years ago, I saw a video by Broken Hill identity Jack Absolom presenting what he referred to as 'In the Steps of Charles Sturt'.

Darling River Run - Complete

the complete guide 2IN1 1

Around 2006 I took a trip into the unknown, a journey of discovery, and got as far as the drought-ravaged Darling River (at Louth). Even though the river was not flowing there was something magical about it.

Within its banks, the riverbed exuded intangible energy that stirred something in me.

I had to learn more and discover the mystical river that has been an integral part of the First Nations, particularly the Barkindji, who have been living in the area for over 30,000 years, and the European explorers and pastoralists who came much later.


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