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Along the Dog Fence

Along the Dog Fence sml

Driving to Cameron Corner is high on the list for many outback travellers; not only as a destination but also as part of a more extensive journey.

Fewer places in outback Australia are more iconic than Cameron Corner, and the region that radiates out from Cameron Corner is known as the Corner Country.

Cameron Corner is the surveyed northwest, and southwest corners of New South Wales and Queensland, respectively, and the point those borders join the South Australian border. 

While not precisely defined, the boundary of the Corner Country includes the Darling River watershed in the south, the Simpson Desert in the west, and Charleville & Windorah in the northeast.

The journey starts at the Broken Hill Outback Resort then to Broken Hill with two great options for the route to Pine View Station; via Silverton and Eldee Station, or north to Mount Gipps Station then along Corona Road.


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