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Timber Cutters Run

Timber Cutters Run smlWelcome to the Timber Cutter's Runtm, a unique touring route along ancient waterways and through ethereal forests.

This driving route is not just another tourism hidden gem, but the real deal. It reveals a story of an earthquake 60,000 years ago, the Cadell Fault, the Narrows (Barmah Choke), a 50 km sandridge, the redirection of the Murray River, and the creation of the Millawa-Barmah forests - the largest stand of River Red Gum in the world.

Around 60,000 years ago, a seismic event changed the course of the Murray River.

The earthquake is considered one of the world's most spectacular altering the course of a river.

While it may seem a long time in the past, it is good to put it into the context of Australian history that indigenous history reaches further back (65,000 years for the earliest evidence of humans in Australia).

Research reveals that several sizable earthquakes lifted the land between Echuca and Delinquin to the east of present-day Cobb Highway (The Long Paddock touring route).

The findings summarised that the original course of the Murray River was west through present-day Mathoura via Green Gulley, a watercourse that is still visible today. In fact, after heavy rain, Green Gulley fills with water flows the original watercourse of the Murray River.




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