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Watershed Loop

Watershed Loop smlWith Broken Hill as the ideal start/finish of this great adventure, the Watershed Loop can also be accessed from the Darling River Run (Wilcannia or Menindee) as well as when heading south from Tibooburra and the Corner.

Explorer Captain Charles Sturt (and others) believed there was an inland sea into which the few known rivers of eastern Australia flowed;  this premise was the basis of his 1844-5 expedition, and there is merit to that belief.

The Barrier Ranges, sometimes referred to as the Barrier Range, was initially named Stanley's Barrier Range by Sturt in honour of Lord Stanley (British Foreign minister 1866-68 & 1874-78).

Captain Charles Sturt named it due to the perceived barrier it created to Sturt's expedition. More importantly, though, it forms the western extent of the Darling River basin watershed which is a subdivision of the Murray-Darling Basin.


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